Hotel Seefeld

Design & Arts in the Sorell Hotel Seefeld

Garda Alexander

"The centre represents the start of a work and the starting point for everything. At the Sorell Hotel Seefeld, the centre is the staircase. It is the source, core and spine of my work." The artist Garda Alexander has taken a universal principle seen in nature and man and applied it for the first time to a hotel.

Galerie Mehrzweckhalle

The Gallery Mehrzweckhalle is a 81,312 cm³ large showcase built into the facade of the Sorell Hotels Seefeld. Alternating artists display works specifically designed for the Gallery Mehrzweckhalle in collaboration with the curators Christina Renz and Georg Birkner.

Der Designer und Künstler Milan Spacek

"For me, art in all its forms is the eternal witness of the human intellect, of our culture and maybe the only remaining evidence for the beauty of our souls." Capturing the human essence is his passion. Milan Spacek has embraced this task. The Sorell Hotel Seefeld regularly displays his creations.

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