Sorell Hotels


Flüelastrasse 51
8047 Zürich
T +41 44 388 35 35
F +41 44 388 35 36
[email protected]

For reservations please contact the hotel of your choice directly: Find a Hotel

Thomas Kleber

Thomas Kleber, Head of Sorell Hotels
[email protected]

Nicole Thurnherr

Nicole Thurnherr, Deputy Head of Sorell Hotels
[email protected]

Petra Goetting

Petra Götting, Commercial Director
[email protected]

Andrea Vock

Andrea Vock, Director F&B Development
[email protected]

Nicole Maret

Nicole Maret, Assistant Head of Sorell Hotels / Quality Representative
[email protected]

Stefan  hannig  web

Stefan Hannig, Director of Sales and Partner Management
[email protected]

Anne Wenzel

Anne Schwarz, Director of Revenue and Distribution
[email protected]

Hannah Zagrosek

Hannah Zagrosek, Director of Brand and Online-Marketing
[email protected]

Christine  reich  web

Christine Reich, Human Resources
[email protected]

Thank you very much for your request. We are happy to process your enquiry during business hours from Monday to Friday.