Sorell Hotels

About Sorell

We find pleasure in assisting and caring for our many guests every day. You will find us in 18 individual hotels, in 10 different cities. For many years, we have invested a great deal of passion in the happiness of our guests. Our greatest pride are about 500 dedicated employees, each with their own individual skills

Quality and individuality 

Sorell Hotels Switzerland guarantee as a group the above-average service and product quality of their houses. Individual hotels win the guest over with their hosts' highly personal styles.

An idea becomes reality

In 1897, visionary women from Zurich decide to enter the hotel business with several good ideas and intentions. This is the cornerstone for the success of Switzerland's biggest hotel group. 

Hotels with personality

To be a host, body and soul - this is the pride of the Sorell Hotels. A hotel should be more than architecture and infrastructure. A hotel is made up of stories, faces and emotions - at least, a Sorell Hotel is.

Sorell Eco

Respecting the environment, taking responsibility, thinking ahead, being aware… all these attitudes have grown over time and are now part of the fundamental values and goals of the entire ZFV group. Sorell Hotels are no exception. Our commitment for an environmentally sound and sustainable way of thinking and acting is far above the average in the hotel industry.