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General Terms and Conditions Sorell Hotels Switzerland

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1. Guaranteed Room Reservation

A reservation is valid until 4 pm of the arrival day. With a guaranteed room, your reservation remains valid even if the arrival time is after 4 pm and will remain valid throughout the night.

Room reservation can be guaranteed by the following means:

  • Credit cards (Visa, American Express, Diners Card, Mastercard, JCB, CUP)
  • Prepayment for one night, by bank transfer or postal cheque
  • Written confirmation from a registered company whose head quarters are in Switzerland

2. room provision - arrival and departure time

2.1 Arrival time
The hotel rooms shall be ready for occupation from 3.00 pm on the date of arrival. The guest is not entitled to earlier room occupancy.

2.2 Departure time
On the agreed day of departure the room shall be vacated by 12.00 pm. Thereafter, the Sorell Hotel may charge 50% of the full accommodation price (list price) until 6 pm for the room use in excess of the contract due to the delayed departure and 100% from 6 pm onwards.

3. Non-Availability of Rooms

Should there be no same category room available upon arrival for whatever reason, you will be upgraded to a room of the next highest category. Should there be no such rooms available, Sorell Hotels Switzerland will accommodate you in another hotel, in a room which is at least of equal quality. In addition, Sorell Hotels Swit- zerland will transfer you and your luggage to and from your new hotel free of charge and will carry the cost of a 3-minute international call, so that you can in- form others of your change of address.

4. Costs incurred by cancellation/No Show

If a booking is cancelled after the cancellation period has expired (see point 4), 100% of the total amount of a one-night stay can be charged.

5. Conditions of Cancellation

5.1 Cancellation period for single reservations

The conditions of cancellation may vary depending on the hotel and offer. Unless otherwise specified, the following conditions are applicable:

  • Cancellation until 4 p.m. of arrival day: no charges
  • Cancellation after 4 p.m. of arrival day; charge for one-night stay

5.2 Cancellation period for group reservations (from 10 people)

Unless otherwise agreed in a contract, the following conditions apply to groups:

  • Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival no charges
  • Cancellation up to 14 days before arrival 50 % of total amount
  • cancellation up to 7 days before arrival 80 % of total amount
  • Cancellation after 6 days before arrival 100 % of total amount

With group reservations, 10% of the guests can be cancelled up to 24 hours before arrival. If the amount surpasses 10% or in the case of a complete cancellation, the above-mentioned conditions apply.

6. Booking made via tour operators

For bookings made via a tour operator, the terms and conditions of the specific tour operator apply.

7. Prices for Children

On request a baby cot for children up to the age of 2 is provided free of charge. Children up to the age of 12 have free accommodation in the parent’s bedding. Children’s beds/extra beds are only available upon request and only possible in designated rooms.

Separate regulations for children's prices are applicable at our Sorell Hotel Tamina and Sorell Hotel Rüden.

8. Payment

Conversion CHF-EUR is based on daily exchange rate. Variations are subject to change.

9. Liability / Duty of Care

The hotel room is to be used and treated by the guest with utmost care. For dam- ages incurred, the guest or company will be required to pay. The hotel disclaims any liability for theft etc. and with regard to third party obligations.

10. Additional Terms and Conditions

Please note that additional terms and booking conditions can be applied. Further details can be found with your booking confirmation and / or please contact the re- spective hotel.

11. Court of Jurisdiction

For all contracts in the form of reservations made with Sorell Hotels Switzerland, Swiss Law is solely applicable.The court of jurisdiction is in Zurich, head office of ZFV Group (Sorell Hotels Switzerland).

GTC Meetings & Events

1. Area of Validity

The existing general terms and conditions (hereinafter called AGB) are valid for all the Sorell Hotels Switzerland hotels (hereinafter called Hotel), belonging to the ZFV Group with its head office in Zürich, and are valid in connection with the renting of seminar, banquet and event premises as well as other connected services or deliveries to or for the clients (hereinafter called contractor). Any variations to the AGB require an explicitly written agreement between both parties. In addition to this AGB, the individual AGB’s of the single Sorell Hotels are also applicable.

2. Temporary Reservations

Following an enquiry, the contractor receives a written quote from the hotel stating the details of how long the premises or rooms can be provisionally reserved for. If the provisional reservation period expires without any definite written reservation from the contractor, then the hotel reserves the right to cancel the provisional reservation of rooms and premises without notice. Should other enquiries be received for the date of the provisional reservation period, then the hotel will contact the contractor and the option date can be shorten by mutual agreement.

3. Definite Reservation

With the written confirmation of the hotel, the reservation becomes binding for the contractor. The confirmation is to be countersigned at due date. This document is le-gally binding and is classified as a contract. With the contactor’s signature, the latter also accepts the existing Sorell Hotels Switzerland terms and conditions and when appropriate the hotel’s own terms and conditions.

4. Prices

The pricelists are individual for each hotel. Price variations are subject to change. All prices are in Swiss Francs, net amount, including service and legal VAT. An exchange rate of 1:1.20 is applicable for the CHF-EUR conversion and the invoice are made out according to the current daily exchange rate. The hotel’s written and confirmed prices are also applicable.

5. Advance Payment

The hotel reserves the right to demand an advance payment of 50% of the total quoted price 14 days prior to the beginning of the event. 

6. Payment

The total invoice amount (less all possible advance payments) is payable within 20 days after the billing date. A complete address is to be given upon definite reserva-tion. Only addresses within Switzerland are permitted. The contractor bears liability for any unpaid invoices. If the contractor is domiciled outside of Switzerland, then the hotel reserves the right to charge the guarantee credit card with the entire amount of the invoice. Any occurring exchange rate differences or bank charges are to be paid in full by the contractor.

7. Joint and Several Liability for Payment

In the case of the client not being the same person as the contractor, then the former bears liability for the entire amount of the invoice together with the contractor. This liability is also extended in the case of an explicit agreement of direct payment.

8.  Conditions of Cancellation

If an event is cancelled or postponed by the client or the contractor, then both are committed to payments as follows:


Up to 31 days before the event: no cancellation charges

30-14 days before the event: 50% of the proposed services

13-3 days before the event: 75% of the proposed services

2-0 days before the event: 100 % of the proposed services


Cancellations are only accepted in writing. The hotel reserves the right to individually adapt the cancellation conditions depending on the type and size of the event and to integrate these into the quote /reservation confirmation.

9. Detail Information/ Schedule

An appointment must be made in advance to discuss the detail arrangements. In or-der to ensure a smooth operation of the event, all important information (e.g. equipment, choice of menu, schedule, show blocks etc.) must be made known to the hotel at least 10 days prior to the event. The agreed program times must be adhered to by both parties.

10. Number of Participants

Variations of up to maximum of 10% in the number of participants can be notified up to 48 hours before the event and are binding. If the actual number of heads is smaller on the day of the event, then the definite confirmed number is used as a basis for the invoice. If the number of heads is larger, then the hotel assumes no guarantee for missing or inadequate services. The extra costs incurred through additional participants will be charged for. The maximum room capacity defined by the police force may not be exceeded. 

11. Room Utilization

In exceptional cases, the hotel reserves the right to make unannounced and short- noticed room changes for events for up to 20 people. In the case of a reduced number of participants, the hotel reserves the right to supply an appropriate room. Reception desks, advertising material, banners etc. can only be set up in areas other than the rented space, after consultation with the hotel. Public areas of the hotel are not allowed to be used for group work. These must take place in the agreed areas. Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the hotel.

12. Room Rental for Banquets, Events and Wedding Celebrations

For banquets, events and wedding celebrations, a room rental will be charged as a general rule. This can vary from hotel to hotel. Room rental will be charged if a sepa-rate room is requested for such an event.

13. Room Rental for Seminars, Exhibitions, Aperitifs and Fairs

Room rental is charged for seminars, exhibitions, aperitifs and fairs, other than al-ready specified in the booked amount. The room rental includes free W-LAN (depend-ing on place). Material and technology is charged according to a separate pricelist. Room rental is basically calculated per day or per half day and room occupancy is calculated according to the conditions of the hotel.  The hotel reserves the right to rent out the rooms after the event. Room rental can also be charged for the days that are used for assembling and disassembling of events. A higher price for room rental can be charged for an exhibition without consumption.

14. Trial menus

A trial menu can be organized upon request including wine tasting. The costs of the consumption will be fully charged to the customer.

15. Choice of Menu

For service-technical reasons, the same menu is chosen for a group of more than 10 people. There is a separate menu for children up to the age of 12 years old and for vegetarians; special dietary menus can be served upon request.

16. Menu Alterations

The hotel reserves the right to make menu alterations and change the vintage year of wine.

17. Menus

The hotel gladly prepares and creates specific menus if asked in advance. A contribu-tion towards costs for special cards will be charged.

18. Supplementary Servings

The dishes are basically served as a plate dish. A supplementary serving can be made according to the menu and upon request if ordered in advance. This results in addi-tional costs.

19. Corkage Fee

In general, the event contactor and his/her guests are not permitted to bring his/her own food and drinks to the event. Exceptions can be made with written agreement with the hotel. A corkage fee to cover the overhead costs will be charged in the case of wine, spirits, cakes etc. are brought along.

20. Material Rental

In the normal case, service, crockery, cutlery and material rental with cleaning is in-cluded in the quoted price. In exceptional cases, such as for catering or use of em-ployees after 11 p.m., all incurred extra costs will be separately declared in the quote/confirmation.

21. Decoration / Flowers

The bringing of own decoration or other objects is subject to approval due to fire and safety regulations. Any damages caused by attachment etc. will be charged to the contractor.

22. Partner

The hotel collaborates with reliable partners and can gladly establish contact in the matter of floristry, photography etc.

23. Parking

Normally there are parking possibilities in or near the hotel premises. Unless other-wise agreed, the contactor or other participants will cover the relating parking fees.

24. Ceremonies

A contribution towards costs is charged per guest or for room rental in the case of outdoor ceremonies (where possible) and/or for those held indoors.

25. Technical Aids and Appliances.

Technical aids and alliances which are not available from the hotel will be rented. The external costs will then be charged to the contractor. The contactor is responsible for correct usage and orderly return of all technical aids, appliances and facilities.

26. Technicians

A congress technician for technical support throughout the event can be organized and provided by the hotel, in consultation with the hotel. Small tasks can be under-taken by the hotel upon request at any time. We recommend the use of an external technician for larger congresses with visual, audio and microphone support.  In case of technical malfunctions or faults, a reduction of costs can be considered.

27. Computer / Internet

The contractor is responsible for the setting up of a projector, laptop and Internet connections with W-LAN.

28. Fire and Safety Regulations

The contractor is committed to adhere to the fire and safety regulations of the hotel, particularly in keeping the fire exits free, and also guarantees that all material used conforms to the fire and safety policies. The use of flammable objects is strictly forbidden.

29. Material Delivery and Collection

The delivery and collection of material for events has to be communicated to the hotel in writing in good time and the delivery/collection has to be coordinated with the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to reject shipments without a sender or valid addressee, including details of the event. Any obligation or liability arising from the refusal will be rejected by the hotel. Due to space limitations of the hotel storage rooms, the hotel can refuse the acceptance of material before the event.

For shipments from abroad to Switzerland there will always be charges for customs & VAT, in addition to the shipping costs. If the freight forwarder can not disclose the exact costs on delivery, we reserve the right to charge a lump sum of CHF 100.- on your invoice. It is likely that the invoice will reach the hotel only 14-28 days after the delivery of the goods. The hotel will pay the invoice on your behalf and the amount will be charged against the deposit. This may result in reimbursements or additional charges.

30. Musical Entertainment

From 11 p.m. onwards music can be played at low volume. DJs and Bands are obliged to lower the bass and to place a carpet under the instrument to minimize reverbera-tion. The maximum length of play is until 2 a.m. A special permit for musical enter-tainment with speakers outdoors must be applied for from the municipal police at least 4 months prior to the event. Failure to comply with the instructions will result in extra costs for the contractor. Copyright compensation in connection with musical entertainment is to be clarified by the contractors and will be at their expenses.

31. Closing Times

A night supplement must be paid for in the case of the event lasting longer than the allowed closing time and curfew. The closing time elongation must be made to the hotel at least one month before the event. The mandatory police permission is to be collected at the hotel and settled by the contractor.

32. Nighttime Peace

After 11 p.m. all windows and doors are to be closed and the volume of music re-duced. Guests who remain outdoors are requested to keep noise to a minimum. The instructions given by the hotel staff are to be obeyed. The contractor bears liability for any complaints and incurring fines.

33. Night supplement

The use of employees after 11 p.m. can be charged for at an extra charge per hour.

34. Guest Rooms

Breakfast is included in the room price. For events with overnight stays, the contractor is to supply the hotel with the following details of each hotel guest at least 14 days prior to the event: first name and surname, arrival and departure date, payment details. In the case of a group booking without a room list from the contractor, the hotel rooms are to be booked by the guests directly and to be individually guaranteed with a valid credit card. After expiry of the reservation deadline stipulated by the hotel, the still available rooms from the group booking will be released for further sale. The contractor bears full liability for non-paid costs for booked rooms and consumptions made by his guests (no shows, mini-bar etc.). Depending on the size of the booking, an advance payment or a credit card guarantee with a corresponding and valid signature is to be provided. For detailed information we refer you to the existing general terms and conditions of each individual hotel.

35. Liability / Duty of Care

The available rooms and material are to be used and treated by the guest with utmost care. For damages and losses incurred, the contractor will be required to pay. The hotel disclaims any liability for theft, damage and third party obligations. This also applies for damage to persons, providing that it is not caused by the hotel employees or the hotel itself. The hotel is liable within the limits of the legal regulations.

36. Communication

Advertisements with reference to the event in the hotel require prior written consent from the hotel. In case of publication without consent, the hotel is allowed to cancel the event and to charge for all accrued expenses or compensation.

37. Disruption of Business

If the hotel has reason to believe that the event will cause disruption or endangers the reputation or security regulation, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the event without compensation.

38. Further Terms and Conditions

Further terms and reservation conditions as well as the hotel’s own AGB’s can be implemented. Details are stated in the booking confirmation or can be asked for direct contact with the respective hotel. Should individual conditions of this AGB be ineffective, they do not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. In such a case, the unenforceable condition will be replaced by a correspondingly similar but effective condition.

39. Court of Jurisdiction

For all contracts in the form of reservations made with Sorell Hotels Switzerland of the ZFV Group association, Swiss Law is solely applicable. The court of jurisdiction is in Zürich.