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Every part of Switzerland, every city has its own typical little characteristics. This is what makes a holiday in Switzerland so diverse and charming and Sorell hotels so unique and surprising. Read more about our Swiss holiday destinations. Discover Switzerland, discover Sorell Hotels.

Bad Ragaz

Hotel & restaurant

A little nobility, a little luxury, between sculptures and golf course, parks and hot springs. Come here and enjoy life while the fine wines of the Bundner Herrschaft region thrive in the mild climate.

Hotel & Brasserie Café Spitz

The city on the Rhine captivates with a variety of experiences for culture, relaxation and enjoyment, whether it's at one of the museums – the city has over 40 museums, the highest concentration of museums in the country – or maybe you're looking for a culinary expedition or something at the centre of Basel's nightlife. There's so much to discover.


Two hotels

Captured by the charm of history. The historic atmosphere of the Bernese Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage listed) immediately makes you feel at ease. Enjoy a walk through the galleries and to the many famous landmarks.


Historical city at lake Zurich

The medieval castle, famous rosaries and the lakeside promenade as well as an interesting mix of fashion boutiques, art and book shops – all of this is Rapperswil.

St. Gallen


The traffic-free Old Town with its cathedral and the Abbey Library (UNESCO World Heritage listed), the alluring location close to Appenzell, Santis and Lake Constance - it's never boring in and around St Gallen.


Hotel & restaurant

Is it the biggest town or the smallest city? -  With its mix of big city offers and town-sized accessibility, Winterthur is always in vogue. There's a wide range of offers for every taste. 


Eight hotels & restaurants

Over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries; international labels and Zurich's own brands; the most colourful and exciting night-life in Switzerland; lake and river baths in the middle of the city. As a city of experiences, Zurich offers a unique mix.

Sorell Hotels

Sorell Hotels is a hotel chain offering high-end accommodation for holidaymakers and business travellers in individually designed hotels in various Swiss cantons. Sorell Hotels are known not just for their outstanding service, but also their excellent value for the money. The fittings in each hotel meet the international standard while preserving the Swiss charm of each region.

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