Sorell Hotels
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    Due to the current situation we offer only continental à la carte breakfast at the moment.

With love for detail and devotion to pleasure

«Breakfasting like royalty» in the Sorell Hotels doesn't refer to the length of the buffet or the number of cereals available. Real royalty doesn't value quantity, but rather style, quality and careful detail. This is where Sorell Hotels set the standards: many of our products are made in our own bakeries and kitchens. We only offer dairy products, meat, eggs and teas from producers who share our quality standards. We want to know where our products come from. That's why starting the day in a Sorell Hotel is always a culinary event, with little surprises included: be it a vitamin shot or a smiling egg...

Spelt Maggia Bread

Everyone's in a rush these days. But the Kleiner Bakery takes its time! For their Maggia bread, made from spelt flour, the bakers insist on a traditional baking method: the so-called «long proving». This gives the dough several hours to mature and develop. The result is astounding: a crisp crust, a better consistency in the crumb and above all a great flavour.

Good Morning Muffin

Our delicious muffins help even the slowest riser to get out of first gear. Fresh carrots, oats and linseeds give a turbo start to the day. Get into pole position at the breakfast buffet and snap up a Good Morning Muffin.


It should be obvious to everyone. It certainly is to us. And that's why we place special emphasis on it. Whether boiled, scrambled or in an omelette, Sorell Hotels exclusively use eggs from Swiss free-range chickens. Because it's important to us and we know that our guests think so too. 

Bergrausch pasture-milk cheese

It's not just what you do, but how you do it. Our cheese is made of so-called pasture milk. The cows are fed grass in summer and hay in winter and receive no silage. Not only can you taste it in the products, you can measure the quality: pasture-milk products have twice as much Omega-3 fatty acids than normal milk. The Aschwanden dairy, a family-run business for over 75 years, lies above the Ruetli meadow, the birthplace of Switzerland. The pasture milk is supplied by 15 alpine farmers. What's more: 100 % of the dairy's power comes from certified hydroelectric plants.

Lenzburger farmer's ham

It doesn't get more Swiss: Swiss farmer's ham comes from the native «Large Swiss White» breed. The ham is made to an old Swiss recipe by Swiss firms. Gentle smoking with spruce wood gives the ham a powerful bouquet and smoothness on the palate. The result: superb!

Jams made in-house

When the pots are bubbling in the Sorell Hotels Rigiblick and Zürichberg and the smell of fruit wafts from the kitchen, it must be jam time! And in no small measure: the guests of no fewer than 18 Sorell Hotels can look forward to the home-made flavours of apricot, strawberry and blackberry. Depending on the season, our jam chefs also like to surprise with other delicious varieties.

Swiss Tea

Located at the upper part of Lake Zurich, there is a small company that does not make any compromises when it comes to the quality of their valuable raw materials. Sirocco, a small family-owned company, has been going that extra mile to find the rarest tea ingredients in the world for us since 1908. They are people who cherish and care for their products with their heart and soul.