Sorell Hotels

With love for detail and devotion to pleasure

For many of our guests, the Sorell breakfast is the perfect start to the day, and we’ll be continuing it in compliance with the necessary safety measures. In order to guarantee a relaxed breakfast experience that’s as safe as possible, we’d like to inform you that we are reducing parts of the breakfast buffet and offering some products in individual packages. However, if there is something you miss, dishes such as our egg options are always available, à la carte.

As soon as things get back to normal, we’ll be delighted to offer the Sorell breakfast in its usual form again. After all, «Breakfasting like royalty» in the Sorell Hotels doesn't refer to the length of the buffet or the number of cereals available. Real royalty doesn't value quantity, but rather style, quality and careful detail. This is where Sorell Hotels set the standards: many of our products are made in our own bakeries and kitchens. We only offer dairy products, meat, eggs and teas from producers who share our quality standards. We want to know where our products come from. That's why starting the day in a Sorell Hotel is always a culinary event, with little surprises included: be it a vitamin shot or a smiling egg...


Spelt Maggia Bread

Everyone's in a rush these days. But the Kleiner Bakery takes its time! For their Maggia bread, made from spelt flour, the bakers insist on a traditional baking method: the so-called «long proving». This gives the dough several hours to mature and develop. The result is astounding: a crisp crust, a better consistency in the crumb and above all a great flavour.

Mini croissants

Good things really do come in small packages with these delicious little croissants from the Kleiner Bakery. Their silky-soft dough practically melts in the mouth. The secret? Glarus Alpine butter – it gives these croissants their superpower. The butter itself is made from Alpine milk cream. A little flavour miracle.

Good Morning Muffin

Our delicious muffins help even the sleepiest of sleepy heads to get their day started. Get into pole position at the breakfast buffet and snap up a Good Morning muffin!

Sorell granola

Delicious organic granola that brings you joy with every tasty, crunchy bite. Sorell granola is healthy, vegan and full of flavour. It combines local handiwork, sustainability and fair trade with pure enjoyment.

Ethical eggs

Sustainability is a term that’s bandied about a lot, but we’re serious about it. Our eggs come from Swiss free-range chickens reared in ethical conditions. The hens have five square metres of space to run around in – twice as much as usual. In the sun or in the shade, you’ll find them pecking away at 100% Swiss grains. Regular feeding with Swiss grains dispenses with soya imports – reducing CO2 emissions.

Sternenberg ¼-fat cheese

On the mountain of Sternenberg, in the stunning Zurich Oberland, the Preisig family produces the finest speciality cheeses, including this mild semi-hard cheese that leaves you wanting more with every bite. And no wonder: lots of love and care goes into turning fresh cow’s milk from local farmers into cheese.

Alpine dairy butter

A moment on the lips, a lifetime in your heart. That sums up most of our guests’ feelings when they taste the butter from the Jumi Alpine Dairy for the first time. Made from slightly soured milk, this butter has a strong, aromatic flavour – which is what makes it so tasty.

Vreni’s jam

Our chefs are cooking up delicious jams based on a recipe from top Swiss chef, Vreni Giger. Enjoy the apricot, strawberry and cherry flavours all year round – and other fruits in season.

Swiss honey

Bees are nature’s true superheroes. These tireless little creatures pollinate flowers, drink the nectar and use it to fill empty honeycombs. Whether you like it in your tea, your yoghurt, or on a slice of toast – our local honey is a sweet start to your day.

Löw Delights chocolate spread

Chocolate in the morning helps chase the blues away. And this special spread from Löw Delights in Zurich is sure to put a smile on your face. This premium chocolate spread is free from palm oil and tastes delicious on bread – its fine ingredients are every chocoholic’s delight.

Sugar-free oat drink

With only 25 calories per 100 ml, this light oat drink is delicious any time of day, whether you're at breakfast or on the go. No sugar – and no skimping on flavour, either.