Sorell Hotels

With love for detail and devotion to pleasure

Many of our guests believe a Sorell breakfast is the perfect start to their day.

This is because at Sorell Hotels, “Breakfasting Like a King” is about much more than just the size of the breakfast buffet or the number of different breakfast cereals on offer. A truly regal connoisseur values quality over quantity and appreciates the finer details. It is this attention to detail which sets Sorell Hotels apart. Many of our dishes are handmade in our own kitchens and all our dairy products, meat, eggs, coffee and teas are carefully sourced from producers and suppliers who share our exacting quality standards. We know the provenance of our food. At a Sorell Hotel, every morning is a culinary delight, with the odd surprise thrown in, whether it’s your breakfast eggs, a cooked breakfast, a bowl of vegan Bircher muesli, or our plant-based alternatives to milk and yogurt.



Sorell is committed to supporting Fairtrade coffee. The Fairtrade concept empowers small farmers and workers, helping them to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. The key principles behind the Fairtrade label include democratic structures, more direct trading relationships, responsible cultivation methods and social working conditions. Producers receive a stable minimum price for their raw materials plus a Fairtrade bonus for their own projects, supporting investments in areas such as infrastructure, education and healthcare as well as productivity and quality.

Baked Goods 

Our generous breakfast buffet has something for everyone. Choose from a wide selection of freshly baked bread, pastries and sweet treats. Start your morning with some of our fresh, regional delicacies, all available with plant-based and gluten-free alternatives.

Don’t miss the special MAGGIA PureSpelt (TM) bread from our partner bakery Kleiner, made using traditional methods with extra-long proving of the dough over several hours. This time-honored recipe uses Suisse IP-approved flour for an exceptional taste: a crispy outer crust and a superior consistency. Utterly delicious.

Another highlight is our GOOD MORNING MUFFIN, made with fine Swiss flour. Even if you are not really a morning person, this is guaranteed to get your day off to a great start.

Bircher Muesli and Cereals

Our home-made vegan Bircher muesli is another stand-out option on the breakfast buffet. You will be spoilt for choice with our range of mueslis and cereals including gluten-free alternatives. And why not add your own toppings from an array of delicious nuts, seeds and fruits?

Fruit and Vegetables

For fresh, crispy vegetables and perfectly ripe fruit, our mantra is simple: We never buy produce which has been flown in from overseas.

Vreni's Jams and Conserves

Our delicious jams and conserves are made to Vreni Giger’s recipes (of the Rigiblick Hotel, Zurich) with tempting flavors such as apricot, strawberry and cherry.

Swiss Honey

Bees are Mother Nature’s super-heroes. They work tirelessly to pollinate flowers, sucking up nectar and depositing it in honeycomb cells. Put it in your tea, drizzle it over yoghurt or spread it on an exquisite slice of brioche and get your day off to the sweetest start with our Swiss honey.

Alpine dairy butter

A moment on the lips, a lifetime in your heart. That sums up most of our guests’ feelings when they taste the butter from the Jumi Alpine Dairy for the first time. Made from slightly soured milk, this butter has a strong, aromatic flavour – which is what makes it so tasty.

Vreni’s jam

Our chefs are cooking up delicious jams based on a recipe from top Swiss chef, Vreni Giger. Enjoy the apricot, strawberry and cherry flavours all year round – and other fruits in season.

Swiss honey

Bees are nature’s true superheroes. These tireless little creatures pollinate flowers, drink the nectar and use it to fill empty honeycombs. Whether you like it in your tea, your yoghurt, or on a slice of toast – our local honey is a sweet start to your day.

Crème Noisette 

Eat chocolate in the morning and feel happy!  Lindt’s Crème Noisette chocolate spread is sure to put a smile on the face of even the most reluctant early riser. What better way to start the day than with a slice of freshly baked bread topped with delicious chocolate spread?

Swiss Butter 

Butter: Pure pleasure. What’s more, you know exactly what goes into Swiss butter. It is made from 100% Swiss cows’ milk with no additives. Swiss butter and your morning croissant are a match made in heaven, finished with an indulgent dollop of jam or honey.

Regional Cheeses 

In true Swiss style, cheese features prominently on the breakfast buffet. Our specialty cheeses are carefully selected by each individual hotel from the leading producers in their region.


Every egg used in every dish served at a Sorell Hotel, not just the boiled and scrambled eggs we serve for breakfast, is from a certified Swiss free-range hen.


All our fish is sustainably sourced in line with WWF guidelines.


All meat and meat products are from Swiss suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships.