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Pure Beauty with Sibylle Cosmetics

With Sibylle Cosmetics we work together with a professional and experienced partners.

Sibylle Cosmetic

Your needs, sensibilities and also your skin are all part of your unique personality and individuality. As a leading specialist institute for lifestyle aesthetics and holistic cosmetics, Sibylle Cosmetic is committed to enhancing this individuality. The cosmetics institute is located just a few steps away from Sorell Hotel Tamina. The range includes high-tech products by Maria Galland, Matis Paris and Essie as well as the Cellcosmet line of Cosmeceuticals.



  • Individual makeup seminars with personal training by a professional make-up artist
  • Top qualified Permanent-Make-up with a professional examination and the related distinction "Dermapigmentologist" by Frau Mathis


  • professional advice based on the digital Visia-Photo skin analysis
  • Raylife: high-end technology using laser technology to tighten the face and body contours, to reduce the size and alleviate cellulite by means of radio frequency and acoustic waves
  • Microdermabrasion to smooth out pores, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and it is very also popular with   gentlemen


Matis: for a beautiful face and a perfect body, stepping out into the sun without worries and for the well-groomed man

  • Soin Caviar Prestige Remodelant: A very special anti-wrinkle care, which leaves the tired skin with poor ciculation looking youthful, fresh and firm 

Maria Galland:

For effective protection of the skin against signs of aging

  • Soin Thalasso Luxe Visage et Yeux: The perfect little holiday for your skin - combined with a power-treatment for when you want to shines. All traces of fatigue vanish - ideal for anyone who wants to refuel on pure wellness.


Cosmeceuticals represent a part of care cosmetics that fit in between the fields of cosmetics and medicine. They differ from the traditional cosmetic lines owing to the high efficacy of their active stabilised bio-integral cells for revitalisation.

  • Swiss Deluxe for men and women: A unique exclusive luxury program including 2 masks and hand massage


  • Essie-Spa-Manicure/Pedicure with peeling and mask – nail varnish, polishing or natural French - depending on the needs of the customer
  • Full body exfoliation followed by algae sculpting for purification and electrical stimulation treatment to firm the tissue

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