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Irene  Gangwisch

Irene Gangwisch, General Manager at Sorell Hotel Zürichberg

My highlight as host:

When our guests leave the house with a smile, think about their stay with joy and come back - the most beautiful thing there is as a host!

You only get this at the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg:

Legendary, contemporary, visionary - old meets new in a wonderful way.

The most beautiful place with us:

Our lounge and terrace - the panoramic view of Lake Zurich and the surrounding mountains is simply enchanting - regardless of the season! Did you know that when the weather is clear, you can even see the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau from the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg?

Did you know that…

the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg was the first self-service restaurant in Switzerland? The house was built in 1900 by the Zurich Women's Association as a non-alcoholic people's and spa house to offer all sections of the population the opportunity for holidays in a privileged location high above the city and a place to indulge themselves with coffee and cake. Already on the 1st Sunday after the opening, the company recorded more than 1,000 guests. The walls that are protected by their homeland tell exciting stories!

My holiday tip:

Zurich, a city without borders - whether small or large - for every taste, for every weather - you will find the perfect experience here. Ask me or my team about your suitable holiday experience.



Alexandra Neuberger & Stephan Bittel, Hosts at Sorell Hotel Asora

Our highlights as hosts:

We treat our guests like our own family. There is nothing more pleasurable than enjoying a glass of wine with guests at the bar and listening to what they have got up to that day.

You only get this at the Sorell Hotel Asora:

3.5 metres of snow on top of the hotel: the General Manager on top of the roof with a snow shovel and the hostess in front of the hotel to warn pedestrians on the pavement about the chunks of snow raining down from above. Many a guest felt compelled to film this scene.

The most beautiful place with us:

Our cosy lounge on the sun terrace with a view of the Alps, perfect for relaxing and daydreaming.

Did you know that ...

…the foundations of the Sorell Hotel Asora are as old as ZFV itself, that the hotel was known as the Orelli House before being purchased by ZFV in 2004 and that it was owned by the Orelli family?

Our holiday tip:

Summer visitors shouldn't miss out on visiting the Arosa bears, named Napa, Amelia and Meimo. It's lovely to watch them enjoying their newly won freedom. In winter, after skiing to your heart's content, we recommend joining locals and fans to cheer on the legendary ECH Arosa ice hockey team during a match.

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Melanie Holdener, General Manager at Sorell Hotel Krone

My highlight as host:

Every day at the Sorell Hotel Krone is a highlight for me – the closeness to our guests and the familiar atmosphere give you the feeling of home.

You only get this at the Sorell Hotel Krone:

Tradition meets modernity – our hotel radiates its own history and is combined with contemporary comfort. True to our motto: Eat like a king, sleep like a princess.

The most beautiful place with us:

In the summer, our secluded terrace; in the winter, our cosy lounge bar for enjoying yourself and relaxing.

Did you know that ...

the Sorell Hotel Krone is the oldest inn in the city of Winterthur? It was first mentioned as an inn in 1434 and even Ulrich Zwingli slept here with us.

My holiday tip:

Winterthur offers something to suit every taste. Here you can explore the wonderful Zurich wine region on a walk through the vineyards with wine tasting.

Portrait Nadine Courtial

Nadine Courtial, General Manager at Sorell Hotel Aarauerhof and Arte

The first day in the new position:

It was thrilling and exciting.

This is difficult:

No longer sharing the responsibility.

This is enjoyable:

Happy and satisfied guests and employees.

My favourite place in the hotel:  

The lobby, here we welcome and bid farewell to guests and play a vital role when it comes to leaving a first or last positive impression of the Sorell Hotel Aarauerhof among guests. 

My favourite food from our own kitchen:

Minced beef with macaroni, simple and delicious every time.

That impressed me / that will stay with me:

Since working at the Sorell Hotel Aarauerhof, I have been impressed at how Ms Holdener and the ZFV have always supported me. The team spirit in the Aarauerhof team will remain engraved in my memory.

Marco Valmici 2 (4)

Marco Valmici, General Manager at Sorell Hotel Rüden

My highlight as host:

Every time I manage to surprise my guests.

Only at the Sorell Hotel Rüden:

A historical building full of charm and appeal that takes guests on a journey through time; looked after by passionate hosts who constantly surprise with their discerning little touches.

Our most beautiful spot:

Outside, at the front of our hotel, you can sit at a small table and enjoy the delicious aroma of your espresso mingling with the fresh air and the sunshine, as you watch the city wakening up and savour some peace and quiet before the rush of everyday life calls.

Did you know that…  

... Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms were among the many prominent guests who stayed at our hotel? They too were inspired by the beautiful town of Schaffhausen.

My holiday tip:

The vineyards in Hallau. For me they are like a little corner of Tuscany in Switzerland, with such an amazing landscape, flowing wines and all of this just a few minutes away from the Sorell Hotel Rüden.



Maureen Chebbo, Receptionist at Sorell Hotel Rütli in Zürich

Congratulations on completing your apprentiship


This summer Ana Baez and Maureen Chebbo successfully completed their apprenticeship at the Sorell Hotel Sonnetal and Sorell Hotel Seidenhof. Maureen Chebbo, who completed her training as «Hotelfachfrau» at the Sorell Hotel Seidenhof, has decided to stay on at Sorell Hotels Switzerland and has started her new job as a receptionist at the Sorell Hotel Rütli.

The first day at work

The first day at work was "mega exhausting". Marta and I cleaned 30 rooms.

That was hard

I found the systems at the front desk a little bit complicated to start with. It takes some time to completely grasp the programs, but then once you do, everything is easy.

That was fun

I enjoyed all the tasks assigned to me, especially working at the front desk. That is why I am still with Sorell Hotels Switzerland, working at the Sorell Hotel Rütli at reception now.

My favourite spot

At reception of course.

My favourite food


That made an impression on me, stayed with me

When I was on the upper floors, I looked after an elderly lady as a guest. She never left her room and she used to watch me whilst I worked. She was always just watching me closely; it was very strange. In the end, she checked out of the hotel but then found a new home in a nursing home. That was the most vivid experience I had.