Hotel Rüden
Concerts at the Rüden

Concerts at the Rüden

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Enter the historic rococo guild hall and let yourself be enchanted by the musical sounds of various artists.

Below you will find the dates for the concert series «Klassik im Rüden». Each concert begins at 11.00 a.m:

11.04.2021: Sound painting - Ioanna Seira and Miranda de Miguel
25.04.2021: The great trio of romanticism - Marina Vasilyeva
04.07.2021: 50 strings - 50 minutes - Nora Sander and Berthold Opower
10.10.2021: Thomas Doblers New Barock - Thomas Dobler, Adam Taubitz, Miguel Angel Cordero
17.10.2021: Opus 1 - Andrea Wiesli, Noelle Grüebler, Jonas Kreienbühl
31.10.2021: Longlines - Impressionism and Jazz - Gregor Müller, Herbert Kramis, Pius Baschnagel
14.11.2021: Fantasia - Kymia Kermani and Alba Gentili-Tedeschi
28.11.2021: Song of Oblivion - Irene Mas Salom and Valentina Pfister


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