Sorell Hotels

Shared spaces/restaurant and bar area

A relaxed visit to our shared spaces, restaurants and bars



To offer our guests maximum safety and peace of mind during their visit to our restaurants, bars and shared spaces, we are taking the following measures:

- All staff regularly wash and sanitise their hands and wear a face covering.
- Floor markings create a one-way system.
- The prescribed minimum distance between tables is adhered to.
- Guests may sit together in accordance with the stipulated contact restrictions.
- Opening times may vary.
- Restaurants and bars will close promptly at the official closing time stipulated by cantonal regulations.
- Tables, bill wallets, condiment stands, etc. are disinfected after each use.
- We may offer a limited breakfast buffet or some breakfast products may be provided in packaged form. However, if there is something you miss, dishes such as our egg options are available à la carte.
- Sanitiser is provided at the entrance and exit.
- All shared spaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
- Dirty table linen is collected and stored separately in order to avoid contamination.

Measures are based on the specifications of Switzerland Tourism’s ‘Clean & Safe’ campaign.