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Hygienic and safe stay thanks to safety protocol and «Clean & Safe» Label

Dear guests 

The health and safety of our guests and employees is the top priority at Sorell Hotels.

For this reason we provide hand disinfection dispenser in all our hotels. We recommend that, whenever possible, you check in online before your arrival and make cashless payments.

Wearing a protective mask is mandatory in all publicly accessible hotel areas (indoor and outdoor), including the restaurants and bars. When visiting a restaurant or bar, the mask may be removed as soon as the guest is sitting in their place. Standing consumption is not permitted. A maximum of 4 people from 2 different households is allowed per table (including children).

Moreover, HotellerieSuisse, GastroSuisse, IG Parahotellerie Schweiz and Expo Event Swiss LiveCom Association have developed measures and safety protocols in various cooperations and launched them under the label «Clean & Safe». These are there to protect and support guests when they stay in a hotel, visit a restaurant, hold business events or use a wellness area.

With the «Clean & Safe» label we confirm that we comply with the developed safety protocols and measures in the areas of accommodation, gastronomy, business events as well as wellness & spa and are committed to your health.

Furthermore, Sorell Hotels comply with HotellerieSuisse's safety protocol, which includes the following measures and specifications:

1 All persons in the company clean their hands regularly.

2 It is mandatory to wear a protective mask in public indoor and outdoor areas of facilities and businesses.

3 Restaurants, bars and group catering services shall ensure that the different groups of guests do not mix. Food and drinks may only be consumed while seated.

4 Employees and other persons keep a distance of 1.5 metres between each other. For work at an unavoidable distance of less than 1.5 metres, employees should be exposed as little as possible by shortening the duration of contact and/or implementing appropriate protective measures, such as wearing a protective mask.

5 Regular cleaning of surfaces in all public areas as required.

6 Ill persons in the company are sent home and instructed to follow the insulation according to the BAG.

7 Consideration of specific aspects of work and work situations to ensure protection

8 Informing employees and other persons concerned about the guidelines and measures and involving employees in the implementation of the measures.

9 Implementing the guidelines in management in order to efficiently implement and adapt the protective measures.

10 Collecting contact details of guests in accordance with the hospitality industry protection concept.

Important: Cantonal regulations are also taken into account individually.


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