Sorell Hotels

Green hotel: sustainability and fair trade

Sorell Eco 



All our meat and meat products come from reliable suppliers in Switzerland who have proven their worth over many years.

Fish & Crustaceans

Sorell Hotels only purchase their fish and crustaceans from sustainable fishing sources in accordance with the WWF Advisor.

Fresh eggs and egg products

It is not just only our 3-minute eggs or scrambled eggs at the breakfast table that come from a happy hen, so does every dish in the Sorell Hotels that contains eggs. All our eggs come from certified Swiss free-range farms.


Sorell Hotels rely on Fairtrade for their coffee. Fair trade helps small farmers to develop and supports workers in Asia, Africa and Latin America giving them the chance to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. Democratic structures, more direct trade relations, responsible cultivation and social working conditions are important factors. The growers receive a stable minimum price for their raw materials, as well as a Fairtrade premium for running their own projects. In this way, for example, investments are being made in infrastructure, education, medical care, as well as in quality and productivity.

Fruit and vegetables

For really ripe fruit and crunchy, fresh vegetables, there is only one set of rules you can go by: buy local and in season. Sorell Hotels have been doing just this for its guests… for many years.


Protecting and maintaining the environment and its natural resources has been a real longstanding concern for Sorell Hotels. All new members of staff are carefully instructed and trained at regular intervals. Business partners and guests are regularly briefed on the efforts and successes of "Sorell Eco".


To simply not pollute the environment would be the best solution. But since this is not possible as we know, it is necessary to reduce this unavoidable pollution to a minimum: Produce as little waste as possible and dispose of all waste in an environmentally-friendly way or recycle it. That is why in Sorell Hotels, for example, green electricity and district heating is produced in the most modern biogas plant in Switzerland using food and kitchen waste. Biodiesel is produced from the hotel’s waste cooking oil.

Certified ISO 14001:2004

All activities geared to increasing sustainability are recorded in a rolling "action plan". The effectiveness of the measures is reviewed on an ongoing basis and can therefore be guaranteed for many years to come. But we do not stop there. We are always finding new opportunities, assessing new approaches and measures, which we continuously implement.